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If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction help is available 24/7. While the diamond serves as the base shape of the Narcotics Anonymous organization’s symbol, it can be used even by non-NA members. Its four sides may represent the unity of the self, God, society, and service, and the inside that of good will.

The triangle represents the legacies of AA, which include unity, recovery, and service. The circle is meant to represent AA itself or the community that is available to support you through your journey. Placement of the triangle symbol is very diverse given the simplicity of the logo. You could choose to tat this as a standalone piece or a hidden symbol with a larger piece or sleeve work. Whatever type you choose, this logo can help to remind you of your determination and strength on the rough days.

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Check out these sobriety tattoos ideas below submitted by our readers and the sobriety community. Sobriety tattoos are a symbol of your commitment to staying sober. They can be used by individuals new to recovery or people who have been in recovery for years. They can be great conversation starters in support groups. It lets others know that you are committed to staying sober and helping them understand recovery. This is particularly true when getting fairly large pieces or a tattoo in an area visible to others.

Thus, these sobriety tattooss can be placed in a more discrete area, making them less subject to judgment of others. Of course, those who are less worried about other peoples’ opinions can make this a more visible piece. It reminds me that life and everything in it is pretty fleeting. My tattoos are almost all souvenirs, I got most while travelling, which I tend to do when I need a reboot. The fiery bird, reborn from the ashes is possibly one of the best known symbols of rebirth and triumph over adversity.

Recovery isn’t a sprint: it’s a marathon

Here a group of people shares the hardships they have faced with their drinking problem in front of a group along with a moderator. The clock is used to document the exact time you made the choice to fight your addiction. A clock with a date can be a great reminder of when you made your courageous decision.

What’s the most important thing to consider when getting a sobriety tattoo?

While it’s tempting to get a tattoo as soon as you quit substances, it’s better to wait until you’ve had a chance to reflect. The best tattoos are meaningful, and the person who has them should be able to explain why they chose that design. Check out our full resource guide now on Find Addiction Rehabs for inspirations and ideas!