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You make food, other people make food, you bring that food together and then you eat! Potlucks are a bedrock of frugal living, of community-centered living, of family-oriented living, of social living, and of living for people who like to eat. How could something so inherently frugal–so inherently about food–not be talked about on Frugalwoods until now? Frugalwoods is for informational and entertainment purposes only.


Decreasing food- make 2 double batch meals once a month from scratch. Grill up xtra chicken breast and freeze them and twice a month have a pasta night with chopped chicken or pasta and chicken parm. We LOVE ground turkey enchiladas that are half black beans. And homemade enchilada sauce is heaven and takes about 10 minutes.

We are not financial professionals and, in fact, some of our posts are written by a dog. Marie and her husband Ryan live on a 25-acre horse farm in rural Florida with their 10-year-old son and lab puppy. Ryan, who works as a firefighter, is incredibly handy and built their house 8 years ago.


Obviously that’s very unlikely, but, the great thing about this chart is that Jess can change those variables and view the resulting calculations. Same deal for the Roth and SEP contributions–those are also very unlikely to remain static since the IRS changes them nearly every year. Again, Jess can go in and adjust those amounts as needed. I do have her maxing out her Roth, but not maxing out the SEP (at $30k/year) because she doesn’t have enough room in her budget. However, if she earns more , she can work on reaching that max if desired.

“Search online to find a recipe using the ingredients you already have at home and you can make it for cheap,” she said. “Not only will it cost less, but it will oftentimes be a lot healthier.” I’m speaking, of course, about my clothes-buying ban! In January frugalwoods 2014, I set forth a self-imposed and self-created goal of not buying clothes for one full year. Jess – What a great life you’ve created for yourself. I love how you are valuing time and flexibility and can relate as a self-employed individual.

  • The family arrived with a pair of used cars — purchased with cash for a combined $21,000 — and with rental income from their Cambridge home of $4,400 a month, according to Elizabeth’s book and blog.
  • Stephanie is the owner of Prudent Penny Pincher who has been an author, content developer, and professional blogger for 5 years.
  • I carried home eggplant Parm and spanakopita on the dishes and never returned them.
  • Do you want to lead a great life on a small budget?
  • You were very clear that you didn’t want to sell your house, but if that’s what you want to keep, then I think you’d be wise to consider what you are willing to drop.

However, since there are no numbers in the article, I guess people reading it struggle to make sense of it and see how it could be possible without a trust fund/inheritance/etc. About -This page is all about aspects of budgeting for a family. The Frugal Friends Podcast https://forexarena.net/ helps you save money on the things you need, spend less on the rest, and embrace frugality without being cheap. Features articles on budgeting, investing, and early retirement. The Frugal Cottage assists you with financial freedom and living the good life on a budget.

If you’re lucky, it won’t all break in the same month. Since Jess is 37, let’s go with 2x her salary, which would be $240,000 (2 x $120,000). This is my half — their dad pays for the other half of all these expenses. I envision being happily remarried, preparing to send my girls off to college, and looking forward to the next “empty nest” chapter with some financial freedom on my side. Please note that space is limited for all of the above and most especially for on-the-blog Case Studies.

What I Learned From ‘Meet the Frugalwoods’

It’s now a question of what’s most important to her. An emergency fund’s reason for existence is to prevent you from sliding into debt should the unforeseen happen. In light of that, Jess is correct in her assessment that she should beef up her retirement savings.


I’ve featured single, married, partnered, divorced, child-filled and child-free households. I’ve featured gay, straight, queer, bisexual and polyamorous people. I’ve featured folks from the US, Australia, Canada, England, South Africa, Spain, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany and France. I’ve featured people with PhDs and people with high school diplomas. I’ve featured people in their early 20’s and people in their late 60’s.

One 100 Dollars A Month

The first bare bones for times like right now when you are in the red each month. When you have a month with a higher income have a second budget that allows more for discretionary stuff. Kate lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband Dan in a condo she bought back in 2013. She enjoys her job in marketing and Dan likes his work in manufacturing. Kate is in the process of considering the purchase of a marketing firm with her business partner, which means she’s paying extra attention to her personal finances these days.

Marie is an elementary school teacher who enjoys her job. The family loves their rural lifestyle and the fact that their extended families live nearby. The only problem is their struggle to live within their means and the… It is weird that in the comments section people accuse them of outright lying- that their parents must have bought the house for them, or they’re actually living off a trust fund or inheritance, etc.

Common Sense With Money

A money-saving strategy that worked for Mrs. Frugalwoods was giving up her Dunkin’ Donuts iced tea break at work. But, unlike several independent local cafés, Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t offer free samples. If you stop for coffee at the right places, you could wind up saving money by snagging a muffin sample or brownie bite.

According to the Federal Reserve, Millennials in their twenties carried an average debt of $22,135 last summer. This is one of the most integral metrics of the Millennial experience because of its implications for how much money a young person can save. A recent study by ApartmentList claims that the rarefied minority of debt-free Millennials are putting away twice as much money as their counterparts who are still paying off balances. This makes it easier to put a down payment on a house, build a portfolio, and — if you’re lucky — retire early, Frugalwoods-style. They’ve also built a healthy investment portfolio. The Frugalwoods soon had enough money saved to escape their “frenzied” city grind.

About- The Diary of a Frugal Family is a blog following the Frugal Family’s journey to becoming more frugal, having as much fun as possible along the way. The aim is to save money wherever possible so that we can spend it on fun things with the kids. Covers frugal tips and money saving ideas to help you live a richer life. Features advice on saving money, organizing your home & saving time, DIY, recipes, and tips on organizing your life. Frugal Family Times is all about living a rich life on a DIY budget. Sharing delicious and healthy recipes, budgeting ideas, gardening tips, DIY, and crafting with humor and humanity.

Last year I was really proud to save a little over 10% of my income – I know that’s not quite as high as some experts recommend, but for a single mom, it felt good. I was also putting a lot into my house fund at the same time. I also wish I had more to put away to boost my emergency fund and set aside cash for travel and mid-term expenses so I don’t have to cash flow them. This blog covers articles about personal finance, lifestyle, and all things financial empowerment, girl power & juicy living. Find simple living ideas, frugal living tips, modern homesteading, recipes from scratch, gardening tips, canning recipes, and ways to live a simple life in a modern world.

For me, the book was my introduction to Mrs. Frugalwoods, whose thrifty lifestyle, I learned, began more than a decade ago on the streets of Brooklyn. I picked up some savings tips from her book and found myself reminiscing about my good old days in Cambridge, where the Frugalwoods and I happened to live a few blocks — and a few decades — apart. Without fail, this is the most frequent question I get from readers. Without deviation, this is cited as the largest area for budgetary improvement. And without alteration, this is the toughest thing for people to modify in their quest for all-encompassing… Filled with food, wine, life-sized penguin stuffies and dog booties.

Who doesn’t love starting the new year with new dough blades?! These small, blade-like objects snap into the base of the bread machine’s basket to perform the crucial kneading step in the bread making process. I am thrilled to outsource kneading to these blades and they tirelessly execute their task without so much…